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Pagan Life

Walking the Path

Pagan Life: Walking the Path
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All Members , Moderated
A place for all Pagan paths and the people who walk them or are just interested in them!
Our goal in starting this community is to have a community where all pagan paths can be discussed, shared, and lived. The topics can be anything relating to your(our) lives as pagans: home cooked goodness and crafts, nature and deity, family and friends, hopes and dreams, problems and discrimination, politics and community, faith and religion, magic and mundane.

Please join the community and feel free to browse, post, or comment on any of the entries. Let us know if there is anything you'd like to see in the community that isn't already there.

I do ask that you show respect to all paths in this community, pagan or otherwise; we gain nothing good through hate and ignorance.

Thank you, and welcome to our Pagan Life.