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Pagan Life


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Pagan Life: Walking the Path


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Dear World,

This is my first journal of this kind. I don't who is listening, perhaps someone will enjoy this. Perhaps the Gods will read over my shoulder and know my intentions are good. I attempted a blog a while back and needed help but this I think I can do myself.


Like the vine that encircles the tree, growing with it, or if you take the muin fid to be the bramble which protects with thorny protrusions, there is an interdependence and an independence. Imagine a waterbird who steps into the flow, then steps back after finding its meal, or a journeyer who crosses a threshold, claims their golden prize, and decidedly crosses back. An organization can foster a healthy muinsong, if you will, a "mother-love", but it can't be expected to take every leader by the hand. They must listen for the sound of the song themselves. There will be some who stay in the flow, refuse to return back across the threshold and not regain healthy independence and clarity. Illusions can be much more alluring than reality, and there will be some who obstinately refuse to enter the flow to see the prize available. This is also unhealthy. A friend of mine signs his emails "walk in balance" and what truer words could be spoken? Moderation, balance, a little illusion is okay if we know clarity when we see it. Then we can listen for the Muin Song, the mother love of vines, pulling us toward the trees, so we may grow with the flow without becoming dependent upon it carry us forward.

Peace and Blessings be Yours!
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