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Pagan Life

Balcony Gardening and the seasons.

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Pagan Life: Walking the Path

Balcony Gardening and the seasons.

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Pagan Life
It's almost winter again, real winter, where it rains, and gets cold... ok so it was cloudy for half an afternoon, but I swear the heat is going to break soon.
This next year I'm trying to re-connect with the seasons by painting my thumb green like an over-dyed easter egg. Metaphorically anyway. If i fake my way through planting, watering, and pruning long enough, my hope is that with patience and a lot of luck, something might actually grow on my little balcony. We'll see how it goes! : )

For winter I'm trying some bunch onions and buttercrunch lettuce. ^_^
I also have an aloe plant. (if i manage to kill that one, i quit. lol)
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